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Collection: Elevator Motors

Whether you are looking for a new elevator motor, want to update your system to a permanent magnet motor and a gearless machine. or need your equipment repaired, Square One Electric can help. 

AC and DC elevator motors are used in both residential and commercial hydraulic and traction lift elevators. Square One Electric provides a range of new elevator motors that ship from the factory and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Hydraulic Elevator Motors 

Hydraulic elevator motors pump hydraulic oil into a cylinder, which moves a piston and lifts the elevator cab. Hydraulic systems are usually cheaper to install than traction units, and the lift shaft requires less space. Ideal for moving heavy loads with a greater lifting force, hydraulic elevators are also slower than traction. Typically, this elevator system can travel up to six floors at speeds up to 200 fpm.

Our selection of hydraulic elevator motors are rated for either 80 or 120 starts per hour. Their open frame construction helps with cooling in high heat producing systems. Applications include hydraulic pump passenger, service, freight, and dumbwaiter low rise elevators. 

Traction Elevator Hoist Motors 

Traction elevators are faster, smoother, and more energy efficient than hydraulic lifts. They utilize steel ropes looped around sheaves connected to an electric motor. A counterweight is used to offset the weight of the load (cab box and passengers). Traction on the ropes raises and lowers the elevator. This lift system is more energy efficient because the electric motor doesn’t have to move as much weight. 

There are geared and gearless traction elevators. Geared traction elevators use an AC or DC electric motor to drive a worm gear reducer, which turns the hoisting sheave. Geared elevators required a less powerful motor to operate, but they also need a machine room for the equipment. 

Gearless traction elevators have a wheel mounted directly on the electric motor and are controlled with a drive. They travel at a higher speed and are quieter than geared systems. Also, gearless traction elevators save space because they don’t need machine rooms – they are installed directly in the elevator shaft.

Square One sells traction elevator hoist motors for both geared and gearless systems, from 100 to 500 fpm and up to 15 floors. They feature a low noise design and AC inverter duty capabilities (VVVF – variable voltage – variable frequency). 

Submersible Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motors 

These motors are designed to meet the demands in the Hydraulic Elevator Pump Industry, including hydraulic pump passenger, service, freight, and low-rise elevators. The motors are rated for intermittent duty up to six floors at speeds up to 200 fpm.

Submersible Elevator motors have special flange for mounting: three bolt circles, 12 mounting holes, and a face mounting to accept both the IMO and Allweiler pumps. Designed for belt driven pumps with dual rated nameplates for 80 & 120 starts/hour. Constructed for low noise and low vibration. Ball bearings with grease fittings and automatic relief, two stainless steel nameplates furnished (for remote mount), and thermostat protected windings.