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Collection: Boat Lift Motors

Square One offers several Leeson replacement boat lift motors for your docking needs. Each machine ships brand new from the factory and has a manufacturer’s warranty.

Motorize your boat hoist with these marine duty machines that have customized features to meet the high demands of the industry: 

  • Stainless steel body to resist corrosion. 
  • 15 minute duty cycle, meaning the motor can be safely operated for 15 minutes before it must be shut down and allowed to cool. 
  • Drain holes at the 6:00 position. 

Replacing and Maintaining Boat Lift Motors

When replacing a motor, be sure to double check diagrams for proper wiring. If you are changing brands, check that the junction (conduit) box is in the same place to minimize complications (so that wires can reach). 

Also, make sure that the motor you buy runs on the same voltage feed as your application. We recommend using a licensed electrician to wire or rewire your equipment.

Use marine grade grease to lubricate the motor, pulley, and bearings every six months, depending on usage. 

These boat lift motors are single phase; some are capacitor start induction run, and others are capacitor start and run. If your motor isn’t running correctly (hums but doesn’t turn), or won’t run at all, it’s likely that one or both capacitors are bad. Luckily, capacitors are easy and cheap to replace. Be sure to replace the capacitor even if you can get the motor running with a spin, or the windings may get damaged (a much more expensive problem).

Time and elements can wreak havoc on your hoist equipment. Consider removing the lift motor if you live in an area where weather prevents you from using your boat for months (winter season). Storing it in a climate and moisture-controlled area for the winter will help prolong equipment life.