Collection: Century Motors

Century Electric Motor Company, previously AO Smith Motors, is part of the Regal Beloit family. Widely used in commercial HVAC applications, Century motors are also popular in agricultural and industrial functions.

Each motor ships new from the factory and has a manufacturer's warranty.

Motor tech Tips for motor replacement:

  • Do not go down in horsepower (HP). On occasion, it is okay to go up in HP, but everything else must match so the motor fits, including RPM, frame, voltage, and phase.
  • Be sure to select the proper overload protection: Manual, Automatic, Thermostats, or None. Manual overload must be physically reset to restart the motor. Automatic overload will stop the motor on overload, or overheating, and restart the motor once cooled. Thermostats are embedded in the windings and connected to the control circuit. None means that the motor has no protection.
  • Most motors’ rotation is reversible by electrical connection or physical orientation. Be sure that the motor you buy can be configured appropriately, either clockwise or counterclockwise, when viewing the opposite shaft end of the motor.