Field Service

On-Site Blowers

Maintaining Your Equipment On-Site 

Sometimes equipment is too heavy or large to remove and transport to our shop; or needs to be serviced in place. No problem - we can come to you.  

Whether it’s an emergency repair or preventative maintenance, you can count on us to serve you right where you are.   

For decades, Square One Electric Motors and Pumps has provided on-site field service to companies of all sizes in every industry.  


Our reputation for expertise and extra mile service is what keeps us going. This proven track record has made us the long-term partner of choice for many businesses in and around the areas we service. 

When you’re looking for a fast, flexible, and reliable mechanical contractor, Square One delivers.
Serving All Industries through In-Depth Expertise 

Our solutions cover all mechanical troubles and applications over an extensive range of equipment.  

Square One Electric Motors and Pumps provides industrial maintenance, repair, and monitoring services for electric motors, pumps, blowers, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment, as well as air handlers, baghouse dust collectors, cooling towers, and more. 

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Baghouse Repair

As an industrial mechanical contractor, Square One serves a wide range of trades and fields, including manufacturing, chemical, refineries, facility maintenance, steel, glass, hospitals, aggregate, schools, hotels, water treatment, and food processing. 

We handle every aspect of your project to ensure your equipment runs at its optimum best constantly and continuously. 

We are the Square One Team of highly trained and experienced industrial machinery mechanics. Always ready to serve.  

Need your pump and other mechanical equipment checked or repaired? Our shop is fully equipped to handle up to 7.5 tons. 

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On-Call Mechanical Contractor

The Square One Hotline is manned by a live answering service. We are just a phone call away, available 24/7/365, whether it’s during normal business hours or in the middle of the night.  

Our wide gamut of services include: 

  • Preventative Maintenance  
  • Vibration Analysis  
  • Laser Alignment 
  • Dynamic Balancing 
  • Equipment Rigging  
  • Shutdowns 
  • Equipment Removal and Installation 
  • Belt / Sheave Replacement & Alignment  
  • Turnkey Projects    


On-Site Repair

Why wait for costly problems to happen when you can nip them in the bud?  

Through our preventive maintenance program, you can save on machine breakdown costs and increase productivity.

Our periodic monitoring and corrective maintenance services are tailor-fit to your specific needs and requirements. 

Compared to a one-time analysis that diagnoses only one or a few specific problems, preventative maintenance measures the changes in your equipment over time. It allows you to prepare for imminent repairs and replacements. This way, you can avoid downtime and unexpected operation disruptions. 

This is the procedure we follow for both immediate and scheduled maintenance work: 

  1. At the start of a PM program, we will monitor your equipment a few times to establish a baseline. All future readings will be compared to this first reading.
  2. Our electromechanical experts will provide a report for each unit. These reports include an analysis and recommendations for corrective action and potential repairs if any.
  3. When possible and if necessary, our technicians perform corrective maintenance immediately when a problem is discovered.
  4. As the PM cycle continues, we will conduct subsequent readings and compare each new one against the initial reading, noting any sudden or gradual changes.


Observation in action is one of the most effective ways to ensure the efficient performance of a mechanical unit. To this end, we also provide predictive maintenance that determines equipment conditions while running with a real-time, data-driven approach. 

Unlike preventative maintenance, which involves scheduled monitoring over a span of time, this maintenance method identifies and corrects issues as they happen. 

The main benefits of conducting predictive maintenance are that it requires shorter downtime, and its objective is more targeted. 


Vibration analysis is the front-line defense against sudden and unforeseen equipment failure. It is used for the early detection of potential failures in virtually all rotating equipment, from electric motors and pumps to fans, blowers, conveyors, and more. 

To check for issues, Square One field experts will come to your facility with a spectrum analyzer and dynamic balancer to search for and identify irregular vibrations. The reasons could vary, from exceeding manufacturer specs to simply not belonging to a normal reading.  

Once we determine the cause, we fix it right then and there. These are the issues that our vibration analysis can pin down: 

  • Coupling, bearings, and gear misalignment 
  • Resonance 
  • Imbalance in rotating components 
  • Bearing deterioration 
  • Rubbing 
  • Gear wear 

This analysis can separate normal noise and vibrations from those caused by loose parts, resonance, or worn and defective components.  

In addition, we observe your equipment’s environment and rigging to determine if external forces and outside factors, such as soft foot contribute to the vibrating condition.  


Sometimes, misaligned components may be the cause of vibrations. A misalignment hinders the optimum performance of a system. Too much friction can increase the load on a motor and reduce efficiency. This can also cause bearings and seals to fail prematurely. 

Our onsite team ensures all nuts, bolts, and parts are aligned and regularly monitored to prevent the untimely wear and tear of your equipment. This procedure helps prevent disruptions in your facility’s operations.

Upon request, we can regularly perform laser shaft alignment for the following applications:  

  • HVAC / Air Handler Belts & Sheaves  
  • Motor / Gearbox couplings and bearings  
  • Compressor shafts  
  • Baghouse Dust Collectors 
  • Pump couplings, bearings, and seals  
  • Driveshafts  
  • Diesel and gas engine generating sets  
  • Gas and steam turbines  
  • Rollers and chocks  
  • Printing machines   

We can provide you with an analysis and recommendations report on the current condition of your equipment, along with the corrections necessary to help it run smoothly and extend its efficient operation life. 


Imbalance naturally occurs when parts break down, and gaps extend beyond the specified factory limits in gears, couplings, and other components. At other times, it results from damage to the shafts or the rotating blades, or even from defects in the metal itself.  

Vibration and other issues caused by these imbalances can be resolved on-site where we perform the following troubleshooting steps: 

  • Evaluate the equipment in its entirety to ensure all components are properly mounted, coupled, and aligned.  
  • Conduct an on-site vibration analysis to determine the severity and location of imbalances.  
  • Correct the mass distribution of the identified imbalanced component(s) by adding or reducing weight in the right places.  

The fix that fuels your success  

With the preventive, predictive, and ongoing maintenance we provide, your business and operations will reap numerous benefits as listed below: 

  • Extend your equipment’s lifespan and maximize its use.  
  • Reduce operating costs.  
  • Improve workplace safety.  
  • Less noise and better working conditions for your employees. 
  • Minimize structural stress on your equipment.  
  • Fewer replacement parts and unscheduled repairs are needed.
  • Maximize efficiency and output. 
  • Improve product quality.  

We’ll also work with you to schedule periodic vibration analysis and dynamic balancing maintenance check-ups on your time instead of waiting until a failure occurs.     


Since 1949, Square One Electric Motors has provided millwright services, including equipment removal and installation of motors, pumps, air handlers, gearboxes, and more. Our track record of quality service has made us the go-to partner for businesses in the areas we serve.  

Some common equipment removal jobs we handle include:  

  • Rooftop units. We’ll provide a crane for equipment rigging.  
  • Facility Pump Systems: Removal and installation of water, booster, and boiler pumps. 
  • Pumps in a pit. 

For industrial equipment that needs to be rehabilitated off-site, Square One provides workers, tools, and transportation for the unit from your premises to our shop.  


When your plant conducts a planned or unexpected shutdown for inspection, repair, and maintenance purposes, you can count on our assistance. Square One can help you throughout the entire process, from scoping, planning, and scheduling to execution and wrap-up. 


When equipment belts and sheaves are misaligned, the results are an increase in energy consumption, more vibration, higher noise levels, and diminished service life for the bearing, motor, belts, and sheaves themselves.  

Our experts correct these alignments quicker and with better accuracy using state-of-the-art tools that can achieve a higher level of precision than traditional ones. We can perform this procedure on-site or off, depending on your preference.  


The experience and expertise we have built through decades of service has equipped us to handle various mechanical equipment projects, from designing and planning to construction and completion. 

Square One Electric can manage all the aspects of your project, including planning, engineering, materials acquisition, rigging, repair, installation, plumbing, and electrical.  

Relax, we got this. 

Square One is the One-Stop-Solution for Your Equipment Needs 

We are at your service 24/7/365, always ready to address your concerns and assist through diagnostics, repair, and maintenance.   

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