Collection: Farm Duty Motors

Square One Electric sells essential farm motors used for feeders, conveyors, crop dryers, farm fans, grain elevators, silo unloaders, augers, milk vacuum pumps, and other demanding farm equipment. Each order ships brand new from the factory and has a manufacturer’s warranty. 

Not sure which motor to buy? Use the drop lists to narrow your selection by horsepower, RPM, frame and more. Contact Us if you need assistance finding a replacement motor, or if you need motor or connection wiring diagrams.   

Perhaps your motor is out of stock or you want to change motor brands. We can help you find an affordable replacement motor in your price range that gets the job done. Square One is an authorized motor distributor for most major brands, including Baldor, Weg, Teco, and Regal Beloit brands Century, Leeson, Marathon, Lincoln. We also supply motors that aren’t yet on our site. 


Single Phase Farm Duty Motors 

Most Agricultural AC Motors are single phase capacitor start and are built to last where exposure to water, dust, dirt, and heat is standard. They are designed for industrial and compressor duty applications with a high starting torque and moderate current. 

General farm duty motors are often used for conveyors to move bulk materials, such as feed or grain. Belted conveyors have a flatbed on rollers that can be moved by an electric motor to transport materials, empty silos, move hay bales and more. 

Common Ag Machine features include: 

  • High starting torque  
  • Heavy corrosion resistant epoxy finish 
  • Condensate drains on certain models 
  • Color coded and numbered leads for easy connection 
  • Gasketed capacitor cover & junction box 
  • Shaft slinger to help keep out containments 


Feed Auger Motors 

Fill systems and feed systems are used to move feed up, down, on-the-level, or around corners to maintain livestock, including chickens, turkeys, cows, hogs and more. These feeders use drive unit motors to turn the augers and keep feed available to your animals.  

Farm auger drive motors are designed with a special N flange (face) to meet industry drive and gear connection standards. Totally enclosed frames help to keep out dust and avoid premature failure. More features include mechanical starting switches, manual reset thermal protection, and an extended opposite drive end shaft for jogging. 

Belt Drive Motors

Used for demanding agricultural belt drive fan applications such as poultry house fans and barn exhaust fans. These motors are highly efficient: they do not require parallel shafts, are provided with overload protection, do not need lubricant (less maintenance), are practically noiseless, along with other advantages. 

Cow Cooler Motors

Essential to keep air flowing to prevent heat stress and maintain temperature of cows’ cores. Animals need cooling to stay healthy and keep producing. Comfortable cows make more milk. And not just animals, but people also benefit from airflow in places like rodeo arenas and fairground coliseums. Whether wall or ceiling mounted, electric motors are used. On our website you will find durable and efficient products for your cow cooler fans.

Crop Dryers 

Essential in agriculture, most farmers have access to grain dryers either on their farm or at local cooperatives.

When a crop like soybeans or corn is harvested, crop dryer fan motors are used to get a desired moisture level.

Why is this important? First, a lot of farmers store their crops in silos, and too much moisture can lead to mold and damaged crops.

Second, since water weighs a lot, and farmers sell based on weight, a long time ago it was determined that a certain moisture level had to be maintained to determine a fair market price.

When a farmer brings their grain to the elevator or cooperative to be sold, they will stick a probe into the crop to determine the moisture content. If the moisture in the grain is too high, the farmer would not receive as good a price. 

Direct Drive Motors 

These electrical machines run efficiently due to their lack of a gearbox. Direct drives are reliable, do not waste energy, have a smaller size, lower noise emission from fewer vibrating parts, and are overall a speedy, simple choice. 

Grain Stirring Motors 

Designed for tough applications of the agriculture industry. These motors are great for a low speed and high torque. 

Irrigation Equipment 

Electric motors and pumps for booster and drive systems.

For instance, center pivots – those long metal sprinklers on wheels – use drive motors to move around the field and booster pumps to push water through the sprinkler. 

Poultry Motors

The Poultry Industry utilizes motors from egg to rendering, from incubator motors used for turning eggs in the hatchery to feather picker machines. Our incubator motors for the hatchery and feather picker machine motors are designed for high duty farm environments.

Aeration Fan Motors 

Farm Aeration Fans are used for grain storage, exhaust fans, and air handling systems.  

Overheated animals are sluggish and less productive 

Square One sells new motors and drives for agriculture machinery and farm tools from top brands, including Century, Leeson, Marathon, and Baldor Electric. 

  • Sizes range from ½ to 3 horsepower, either single or three phase 
  • The motors are totally enclosed to protect the windings against moisture and dust, but they need to be mounted in an airstream for cooling 
  • ¼-20 tapped and keyed shaft 
  • Tough epoxy paint to protect against corrosion 
  • Capacitor start design