About Us

Square One Electric Motors and Pumps - Delaware's Best Motor Sales and Repair Shop

We are proud to be a Delaware family owned and operated business. The company opened in the 1940's, and has grown from a garage in Milford to a 15,000+ square foot facility in Dover. When we started, most of our customers were Delmarva farmers. Since then, our customer base has grown to include schools, manufacturers, refineries, glass plants, water treatment facilities, steel mills, and so much more! We service Delaware and the surrounding parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey - from York, PA, through Philadelphia and over to Atlantic City, NJ, and southward to Salisbury, MD. 

Square One Electric Motors and Pump's reputation is based on decades of integrity, honesty, and just plain good business; we work as if your problem is our problem and don't stop until a solution is found. We understand:

  • you’re expected to keep production running on a shoe-string budget.
  • it’s 2AM and a motor burns up on the main line. Production is stopped and there’s no spare.
  • you’re working on a bid and need the best price possible to be competitive.
  • the drive keeps tripping out and you don’t know why.
  • your gearbox is shot and the thing looks older than the building. Can it even get fixed?
  • the rooftop air handler bangs on startup….obviously it's time for service.

These scenarios and more - that's where Square One excels. First and foremost, we are in the service business. Anyone can sell a motor. We're the crew who shows up to get you running when no one else will, whether it's Saturday night or Christmas Eve.

We have history not only with the area, but also with most of our customers, many of whom have been using Square One for over 20 years.

Read some Customer Testimonials to see what others have to say:

"I've been using Square One for ten years now. When I first started using them it was because I was told, 'That's who we use.' After a couple of dealings with them I soon realized why I was told, 'That's who we use.' The knowledge of the staff and the quality of work is unprecedented." 
- John / MEDAL a division of Air Liquide


"I have dealt with Square One for many years even prior to working at Dover Downs. They have always given me and the  company excellent service from new to rebuilt. I have even used them for my personal motor needs. I have recommended  them to others in this field."  

 - Francis / Dover Downs Hotel & Casino


"Working in a very demanding industry that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, it is imperative to have a motor shop that gives you good service 24/7. The service we get from Square One Electric is second to none, the staff at Square One from sales to the shop are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the motor / gearbox repair to replacement sales. The bottom line is I get quick service and quality work from Square One Electric."

 - Rob / Anchor Glass