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Collection: Brake Motors

Unit Handling Electric Motors are used for unit and baggage handling, conveyors, packaging equipment, machine tools, hoists, elevators and door operators.

Square One Electric is a brake motor supplier of normal and fast braking units, as well as machines with additional features such as manual release levers and microswitches for additional safety and convenience. 

Motor brakes are locked with springs and electrically released. When failures happen, such as interruption or power failure, the brake will hold the load as protection.

Don't see what you need or want to change brands? Contact us for assistance - Sqaure One is an authorized motor distributor for most major brands, some of which aren’t on our site yet. 

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Brake Motor Applications

Single phase and three phase brake motors are ideally suited for use on conveyors, machine tools, hoists, bridge and tally cranes, lifts and elevators, rock crushers, mixers, bottling systems, crop dryers, feed systems, irrigation systems, packaging machines, and other industrial machinery requiring quick stop and/or holding torque and position control.  

These electrical machines are commonly found in food and beverage, material handling, crane & hoist, mining, agriculture, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Washdown brake motors are available, designed for environments with frequent washings, moisture, and corrosive chemicals. Special features include stainless steel parts, neoprene gaskets, and lip and V-ring seal on the drive end. Washdown duty brakemotors are excellent for operation in both wet and dry applications. 

We also sell IEC brake motors for equipment with metric dimensions. These metric machines meet North American performance standards and premium energy efficiency mandates.

Can I Put a Brake on My Current Motor? 

Brake kits are available to add to a stock TEFC motor and create a fail-safe brakemotor. Save money without having to replace the motor! 

Most brakekits include a totally enclosed Stearns AC brake, replacement cast fan cover, shaft extension, fan, and hardware. Double C-face couple brakes (kits) are designed for applications where mounting the brake between the motor and driven load is preferred. General purpose coupler brakes mount directly to the face and shaft of c-face motors to build a brake motor.

How to Select a Brake Motor 

When choosing a brakemotor, consider the following: 

  • Motor options: Consider the best motor enclosure for the operational conditions. For example, will the machine be exposed to water? Ambient temperature is also important to determine the best motor cooling method (no vent, self vent, blower cooled). 
  • Brake power supply: Are you supplying with full, half wave or special bridge rectifiers? 
  • Braking torque: Do you require rated torque (standard supply) or optional torque (load lifting, high load and/or inertia applications). The braking torque must be equal to or greater than the motor rated torque. Note that braking torque drops at speeds above 100 rpm. 
  • Safety factor: For standard applications, use the safety factor “k” of 1.5 to 2 times the torque value. For special applications, such as lifting, we recommend a safety factor “k” of 2 to 3 times the rated torque. 

Stearns Brakes

Stearns provides an extensive line of standard and special AC and DC industrial brakes and clutches.  

General purpose brakes are designed for mechanical loads and hard-to-start high inertia loads. They are commonly used on conveyors, belt-driven equipment, machine tools, pumps, compressors, etc.

Disc brakes are also designed for hazardous locations, providing protection from explosive gases or ignitable dusts in rigorous industrial environments.

Marine, Maritime and Navy Duty brakes are designed to meet the highest levels of corrosion resistance and performance. They are commonly used on various marine applications for offshore and military applications such as shipboard cranes, anchor winches, windlasses, etc.

Gear motor brakes are power off style brakes designed to stop or hold a load that is coupled to the armature hub assembly. In the event of power failure, the brake would engage. They are commonly used in commercial duty for small gear motors.

Stearns inspects 100% of their brakes and clutches before they leave the factory. Their reputation for manufacturing reliable brake and clutch products has made them a leader in North American industries. Additionally, Stearns has been a leader in securing the certification of independent regulatory agencies and has been ISO-9001 Certified since 1995. 


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