Pump Repair

Your 24/7 Emergency Breakdown Repair Shop 

From Industrial Applications to Water Treatment to Building Water Booster Systems, We Rebuild All Pumps and Pump Motors 

And We Do It Fast! 



All Makes and Models 

Industrial and commercial pumps and pump motors are built to last, so we’re prepared to service your equipment even if it’s a decade old or older. Our team boasts decades of experience, complemented by extensive and high-tech tools.  

Quick Turnaround 

Pumps are critical in the continuous operations of your establishment. That’s why we’re available all day, all night, and all week to ensure you get your defective unit up and running again in no time. 
Pick-Up and Delivery (Limited Area) 

The Square One repair shop is based in Dover, Delaware. If you are located within our 100-mile service area, we’ll pick up and return your equipment. 

Upfront Quote 

The expert technicians on our team inspect and test your equipment to determine the cause of failure. You can trust our transparent assessment. We’ll tell you whether your unit can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Likewise, you’ll get a quote and we’ll wait for your approval before we commence work. You can rest assured there will be no hidden fees or surprise charges. 

Overall Troubleshooting 

Every pump system has its own problems ranging from the usual wear and tear to overheating. We help you identify these issues before they get worse. Take advantage of our decades-long experience to keep your rotating equipment running smoothly, minimize downtime, and improve efficiency. 

Multiple Lines of Communication 

Call, email, or visit us for your requirements. We respond promptly to all customers and every message.  

Full-Service Mechanical Shop 

Our repair shop is equipped with overhead cranes of up to 7.5 tons lifting capacity and a low and medium voltage test set. Square One is a UL-certified repair facility for explosion-proof machinery as well. 

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance, Repair, and Monitoring 

We provide services for electric motors, pumps, blowers, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment. We also service air handlers, baghouse dust collectors, and cooling towers. 

As a family-owned business, you can be assured of receiving VIP treatment minus the red tape. Our client base includes: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Facility Maintenance 
  • Refining 
  • Glass 
  • Hospitals 
  • Aggregate 
  • Schools 
  • Hotels 
  • Refineries 
  • Water Treatment Plants 
  • Food Processing 
  • Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Small Contractors 
  • Purchasing Agents 
  • Farmers 
  • Homeowners 

Fast, Flexible, and Reliable Pump Repair Services 

Our professional technicians cover a wide range of industrial, commercial, and personal equipment repairs.  

Equipment Monitoring and Vibration Analysis 

Vibration analysis is used to detect potential failures in any rotating equipment. It can identify resonance, imbalances in rotating components, bearing deterioration, rubbing, gear wear, and misalignment in coupling, bearings, and gear. Our technicians can also observe your equipment’s environment and rigging to determine the causes of a vibrating condition. 

Field Service 

Square One boasts of field technicians and machinery mechanics on its team. When your equipment cannot be removed from your facility for repair, we will come to you. Our onsite services include the appropriate tools to carry out the job efficiently. And, if necessary, we can dismantle your machinery and take it to our well-equipped machine shop for a thorough assessment and complete repairs. Upon project completion, we will return it to the site, reinstall it, and even start it up for you. 

Laser Shaft Alignment 

When equipment vibration is not a direct result of aged or damaged parts, then it may be a sign of misaligned components. In such cases, we perform laser shaft alignment to various applications, including HVAC or air handler belts and sheaves, motor or gearbox couplings and bearings, compressor and drive shafts, gas and steam turbines, printing machines, rollers and chocks, diesel and gas engine generating sets, and pump couplings, bearings, and seals.  

Impeller Balancing 

This is another service that our field technicians can perform onsite. They will evaluate your equipment to determine the source and severity of the imbalance. Upon pinpointing the cause, they will correct the problem by adding or reducing weight in the right places. The procedures we implement can extend the life of your machine, reduce operating costs, enhance safety in the workplace, diminish overall noise, decrease structural stress, improve product quality, and result in the fewer parts replacement and unscheduled repairs. 

Emergency Breakdowns 

When the unexpected happens, you can count on us to come to your rescue. Not only do we perform onsite services, but we also respond to SOS requests immediately. We understand the impact of downtime on your bottom line, and we deliver swift solutions without compromising on quality.  

Removal, Installation, and Start-Up 

We take care of your pump repair from start to finish. We will extract your unit from the production line and reinstall it when the repair is done. We’ll even start it up for you. Our millwright services cover motors, pumps, air handlers, gearboxes, to name a few. Some examples of common equipment removal jobs we handle with excellent capability are rooftop units, facility pump systems, and pumps in a pit. Turnkey projects are our specialty!  


When your equipment stalls, vibrates, sounds funny, or functions less efficiently than normal, we can pinpoint the problem and recommend the best solutions using the latest technology. This enables us to identify the problem without having to tear your equipment apart. 


We provide precision repairs such as: 

  • Impeller trim 
  • Rebowling 
  • Volute repair 
  • Coupling boring and key slotting 
  • Surface grinding 


Depending on your requirements we can fabricate the following: 

  • Brass bushings 
  • Spacers 
  • Shafts 
  • Sleeves 
  • Wear / Case rings  

Customized Routine Scheduled Maintenance 

Preventive maintenance ensures extended equipment life and less downtime. We offer packages specific to our clients’ needs. 

Don’t Let Downtime Affect Your Profits. Have Your Pump Repaired ASAP! 

Types of Pumps We Repair 

We Repair Most Pump Brands Including: 

✅ Peerless 

✅ Flygt 

✅ ITT 

✅ Xylem 

✅ Goulds 

✅ US 

✅ Bell & Gosset 

✅ Barnes 

✅ Paco 

✅ Sta-Rite 

✅ Grundlos 

✅ Wilo 


Square One is an authorized warranty service center for most brands. 

Most Common Pump Types Including: 

✅ Submersible 

✅ Centrifugal 

✅ Wastewater / Sewage 

✅ Split Case 

✅ Industrial / Manufacturing Processes 

✅ Carbonator 

✅ Grinder 

✅ Vertical 

✅ Booster 

✅ Chemical Feed 

✅ Fire 

✅ Hot Water Circulators 

✅ Dewatering 

✅ Pool Pump Motor & Spa Motor 


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Pump Maintenance Tips 
Top 6 Tips to Keep Your Pumps Running Efficiently and Avoid Downtime 
  1. Establish a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your equipment should be based on the manufacturer’s guidelines, run time frequency, and your timing schedule. Consider if lines or other equipment need to be disabled, or when systems are down. 

  1. Get Familiar with Your Pump Equipment

Awareness and understanding of the unit when it runs normally will allow you to notice any new or unusual sounds, leaks, or vibrations. 

  1. Practice Proper Bearing Lubrication

Strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you get the most out of the bearing’s lifetime. You can also grab more tips on our Extend Bearing Life blog. 

  1. Monitor Mechanical Components

Is the unit mounted securely? Are the couplings worn? Is there new or excessive leaking? These are factors that contribute to premature pump failure, so you need to constantly keep an eye on your equipment’s mechanicals. 

  1. Inspect the Electric Motor

Keep the vents clean of dust and dirt for optimum airflow and to avoid debris from entering the stator. If the motor is running hotter than usual, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Have an expert look it over right away. 

  1. Think Before You Tighten

Over torquing to fix a leak may cause more damage. The guidelines below will help you torque the right way: 

FLANGES: Manufacturers torque gasketed flanges according to pressure, materials, and temperature standards. Tightening bolts in these places may damage or distort the equipment and worsen the leak. 

MECHANICAL SEALS: A distorted clamped seal ring can lead to leaking, even if it’s just a few millionths of an inch out of flatness. Before tightening - or loosening - the bolts, check the manufacturer’s torque requirements. 

PACKAGING: Leakage is a way of life with packaging, but when it increases, tightening should be minimal. Over-torquing will lead to excessive wear. If minor adjustments don’t relieve the problem, then you probably have another issue on your hands. 

When sizing a replacement pump for a multi-pump system, remember: 
  • Pumps in Parallel = Match Head 
  • Pumps in Series = Match Flow 

Failure to put the right match in place will cause one pump to overpower another, resulting in lost efficiency, rough operation, excessive heat, and even pump failure.