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Collection: Pool Pump Motors

Pool and Spa Pump Motors from brands such as CenturyMarathonUS Motors, Weg, Worldwide, and Baldor. OEM Replacement swimming pool motors for sale for Centurion, Sta-Rite, Hayward, Pentair, Waterway, Purex, Doughboy, and Lomart.

On our website you can find products for above ground, inground, and spas / jacuzzis / hot tubs that are brand new and come with a warranty. 

The items for sale here are pool and spa motors, which is an entirely different piece of equipment than the pump. Even though they work together to circulate your pool water, they are not interchangeable. 

Be sure to replace your motor with at least the same size horsepower. When a pump motor is too small for a pool, it struggles to move water, overworks itself, and runs longer than normal. The results are higher energy bills and a prematurely worn out pump.  

How often you run your pool pump directly affects its lifespan, so you may want to consider a variable speed unit (as opposed to single speed). Variable speed pumps cost more money up front, but allow you to run at a lower speed, like filtering through the night.    

Century Pool and Spa Pumps 

Century Electric Motor Company, previously AO Smith, is part of the Regal Beloit family. If you are looking for a Century pump motor today, there are ways to help you choose the right one for your pool/spa.  

When you are reading your motor’s nameplate, you may need to use a cloth to wipe off any dirt or grime.

The first thing you’ll need is the catalog number (CAT), which is generally in the upper left side of the label. This will be a big help in finding a match online.

The main information you would need is the Horsepower (HP), RPM, Voltage (VOLTS), Phase (PH), and Frame (FR). 

When replacing your Century motor, it is okay to go up in HP on occasion, but avoid going down.

Contact Us for assistance.

Pool and Spa Pump Maintenance 

A pump is very important for keeping your water fresh and clean by pulling dirty water to and from the filter.

With proper care, pool and spa pump motors can last up to 10 years. Follow these maintenance tips to help prolong your equipment:  

  • It is recommended that your pool’s water is filtered every 24 hours, so keep that in mind if you choose not to run your pump at all hours. If you do run it once a day, make sure to have it on for at least 8 hours. This is also true of your spa’s pump.  


  • Make sure to keep your water level at around half the height of the skimmer intake. Add water using a garden hose if needed. If the water gets too low, the pump can start to suck in air and cause damage. On the other hand, you don’t want the water level to be too high and overflow. 


  • During usage, keep the pump uncovered to allow air circulation.  


  • It is advised that you remove your pool pump for indoor storage during the winter/ colder months. Excessive moisture from factors such as snow and too much rain can cause rust and other damage.  


  • Use a handheld skimmer in addition to cleaning your filter to remove larger debris from the surface of the water.  


  • Make sure your pump and filter are not too small for your water source. A sign of this is clouded water, meaning the filter and pump combination was unable to re-circulate the water, or increased cleaning needs. 


  • Regularly check your pump’s O-ring to ensure that is does not need to be replaced. It is good to notice a problem before the faulty seal causes leaking. 


  • Test your pool or spa’s water 2-3 times a week for its pH level and chemical balances. 

Troubleshooting Your Pool Pump 

Your pool/spa’s pump is the most important aspect of keeping your water clean and enjoyable, so it's crucial to stay on top of any premature issues.

  • If your pump fails to turn on or shuts off immediately, this is most likely an electrical problem, or a jammed motor. Check the breaker box for blown fuses, frayed/broken power cords, no loose connections, correct wiring. 


  • If it was not an electrical issue, make sure the motor shaft will rotate. Supposing that it does not, there is possibly something jamming the motor. In the case that it is not jammed, you may have to replace your bearings or the whole motor. 


  • If your pump is running but not pumping, there is an interruption in the system somewhere. There could be air coming through; make sure the water level is right and the O-ring is intact. Clean out your skimmer basket, and you may need to fill your strainer basket with water. Then check the pump impeller for any clogging. After all of this you may need to prime your pump to get it going again.   


  • A leaky pump is most likely caused by a bad O-ring, bad shaft seal, or bad thread sealant. Inspect to see if they appear damaged. If so, these parts are cheap and easy to replace. 


  • If your pump is louder than usual or making a screeching noise, most likely there is bearing failure. You should contact a pump repair center for assistance. The loud grumbling noise is usually due to cavitation, which means your pump desperately needs water. You just need to see if there is a clog anywhere, or an air leak in the system. 


  • A good way to find a leak in your pump is by using shaving cream. Evenly spread it over the points where you suspect leakage, and look for an area of foam that is being sucked in. 

What is a SVRS? Do I need a SVRS?   

Depending on your pool configuration, a SVRS may be required to meet local, state, and federal requirements.

SVRS stands for Safety Vacuum Release System, which helps prevent entrapment at the drain, where water enters at the bottom of the pool to be filtered.  

The pump draws the water into the drain through suction. If an object covers the drain, the pump continues to exert suction in order to draw water into the pump.

Swimmers have been entrapped when their hair or other body part came into contact with the drain, with the potential of serious injury or death.  

With a SVRS, the pressure change is detected and the unit either releases the vent or shuts down the motor.

When you are buying your pump motor, make sure to look for ‘SVRS’ in the title of the product to see if the system is included with the motor.