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Square One’s selection of single-phase and three-phase WEG electric motors provide premium quality at an affordable rate. WEG manufactures low and medium voltage AC motors for every industry, including food and beverage, chemical, steel, agriculture, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and water.


Choose the phase you need above and narrow your selection by horsepower, RPM, voltage, frame, application, and enclosure to find the motor you need. Contact Us for assistance.


WEG products are synonymous with reliability, durability, and cost-efficiency. Their high-performance products keep production moving and help to avoid expensive downtime.

WEG W22 Motors

WEG’s popular W22 motors are great for various industrial applications, from conveyor belts to hoists. With their cast iron frames, flexible mounting, solid feet, low noise levels, and low operating temperatures, these heavy-duty motors are engineered to perform well in tough industrial applications.

Weg W22 motors are categorized as both GENERAL PURPOSE and SEVERE DUTY motors – that’s how well they’re made!

Superior Design

Weg motor frames are designed for easy handling, low noise, and low temperature for extended mechanical life. It has a protective pad for the vibration sensor and impact-resistant and high-vibration level feet.

An oversized junction box makes it easier to connect the motor. A positive pressure lubrication system allows for better heat dissipation, which helps to reduce bearing temperature.

The aerodynamically designed housing allows for minimal noise levels, excellent air flow over frame, and superb mechanical strength. The fan includes a reinforced hub structure and is well-designed for low noise levels and abundant air flow. 

TECH TIP: Many Weg motors can also be altered between an F1 to an F2 configuration for easier connection. If the motor you need is not in stock, a Square One technician can modify the motor.

Weg Pump Motors  

Weg pump motors are a smart economical choice. They are designed for the strongest commercial applications with great torque and durability.  

· Designed for application on commercial and industrial pumps, Weg’s Close Coupled JM/JP Pump Motors come in single and three phase, cast iron, and rolled steel. Models with Aegis bearing rings are also available.

  • Pool and Spa ODP motor manufactured with steel plate and square flange especially developed for applications on swimming pool, Japanese bathtub and whirlpool bathtub pumps.
  • Jet Pump and Centrifugal Pumps with several construction, shaft, and enclosure options for residential (swimming pools, whirlpool bathtubs), commercial, and industrial applications.
  • P-Base Vertical Pump Motors for industrial applications including water treatment, irrigation pumps, petrochemical plants, and other industrial applications with high torque demands.
  • Weg Fire Pump Motors, provided In TEFC and ODP enclosures, are designed to meet demanding environments and ensure maximum performance and reliability.
  • Oil Well Pumps have the high slip and high torque that oil well beam pumping units demand.

Weg Explosion Proof Motors  

Weg Explosion Proof Motors are designed for hazardous locations (containing flammable liquids, explosive gases, and dust) in accordance with the hardest standard criteria assuring safety, energy saving, and low operational costs.

Weg Air Handling Motors  

Weg provides a wide range of commercial air handling machinery in single and three phase. For instance:


  • Cooling Towers Motors from direct drive to axial fan systems.
  • Condenser, Fan and Blower Motors with rigid and cradle bases options. Lightweight for easy installation and durable for long performance.
  • Aegis motors have Bearing Protection Rings installed internally to help avoid current flow along the motor shaft and across the bearing. Shaft grounding rings prevent premature bearing wear and failure due to electric currents flowing through them. 

Weg Farm Duty Motors  

You don’t have time or money to waste. You need equipment that doesn’t break the bank and lasts like it should. For these reasons, Weg has developed complete solutions for the farming industry by joining technology with tradition to develop reliable solutions.


From pumps to poultry fans, and grain dryers to augers, find out why Weg is one of the leading brands used across the US in the Ag industry.


What is a Definite Purpose Motor?

Weg also carries “definite purpose” motors. What Is a definite purpose motor? They are all the smaller and unique categories that don’t quite fit in the bigger groups. For instance, saw arbor motors, soot blower motors, and hydraulic pumps.


Weg Medium Voltage Motors

We only advertise low voltage motors up to 50hp online, but we sell and service larger units as well. Weg also manufactures medium voltage 2300V and 4160V units with the same quality construction and attention to detail that you find in their low voltage products.


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WEG Motor Warranty

WEG Industries commit to providing premium motors and after-sales assurance services to end-users and distributors. Please contact the company where you purchased the motor if you have any warranty issues.

Weg’s warranty summary is as follows:

Frame Size 215T And Smaller

This size WEG motor comes with a No-Fault warranty. You can claim the offer only one time. The warranty must be claimed within 30 days after failure.

Just send the motor’s original nameplate, a copy of the original invoice or invoice number, and an explanation of the issue to the WEG Service Department. Should you face repeat issues, you must contact their service department.

Frame Size Larger Than 215T

For WEG motors larger than 215T frame, a WEG Authorized Service Center or an EASA-affiliated service shop will inspect the product. The inspection will determine eligibility for warranty coverage. Claims must be submitted with a completed EASA inspection report, a repair quote, a copy of the original invoice or invoice number, and photos suitable for emailing.

Washdown Motors

WEG washdown motors have a coverage period of 12 months from the first installation date or 24 months from the date on the motor nameplate (whichever is first). A warranty claim must include a copy of the invoice or invoice number and a brief explanation with photographs of the product. 

All claims must be sent via mail, fax, or regular mail to The WEG Service Department.

Your Square One Solution

Are you considering switching your current brand with a WEG motor product? Contact Square One Electric for consultation, product choice assessment, delivery, and installation services so you can rest easy with a reliable solution for your motor needs.