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The Baldor brand is one of the most trusted motor manufacturers, recognized by its quality and reliable products. Reliance Electric motors are also a part of the Baldor family, as are ABB Motors and Drives.

Look to Baldor Electric for you Industrial and commercial AC, DC, and metric motor needs.

Baldor Brand’s Benefits

Based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, most Baldor Electric products are manufactured locally or In the United States, making their products readily accessible. They’re one of the few motor brands that are made in the USA.

Baldor delivers a comprehensive product line that meets diverse requirements. Their NEMA and IEC designs are available in a wide range of HP, RPM, frames, voltages, mountings, and enclosures to serve various commercial and industrial functions.

In addition to stock motors, Baldor also provides custom-built units. Square One Electric is an authorized Baldor distributor, so Contact Us for a quote.

Each product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and user guides are easily accessible online.


Authorized Baldor Distributor

Square One Electric is proud to be an authorized Baldor motor distributor. We sell and ship Baldor Motors nationwide through our reliable sales and customer service teams in our physical and online stores.

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Check out our website for details and specifications about each of the Baldor products we carry, sales policies, and other informative content for our customers. Or visit for more technical Information.

Here’s a list of the information you can find at

  • Motor energy efficiency
  • Performance data
  • Connection diagrams
  • Dimension sheets
  • Motor warranty information
  • Installation manuals
  • Sales terms & conditions
  • Product literature
  • Customer product education

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Baldor Motor Catalog

The Baldor Motor Catalog is a useful tool to find the exact replacement motor you need, whether stock, modified, or custom. Use the Baldor catalog or spec number to find the unit and Contact Us to check stock.

If you’re having trouble understanding Baldor’s reference system, click here for information on Baldor catalog numbers and how to use them.

If you need to refer to the Baldor website, click here to open the Baldor 501 Motor Catalog.

If you don't have a part number, the Baldor catalog Is organized by motor type to narrow your selection or use Square One's MASTER PRODUCT SEARCH to search by brand or type.


Baldor Motor Cross Reference

Are you trying to replace another motor brand? Baldor provides a useful cross reference tool to replace your Grainger, GE, Dayton, Leeson, Lincoln, Magnetek, Marathon, or US Motor.

Click here to access the Baldor Cross Reference tool


Standard Warranty Information for Baldor-Reliance® Products

Scope of Warranty

All Baldor-Reliance products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials.

Click here for the Baldor warranty policy.

ABB will either repair or replace your product if it is found to be defective due to quality or materials and the defect occurs during the warranty period. ABB warranty centers, such as Square One Electric Motors & Pumps, will Inspect the machinery and submit warranty forms to Baldor.

Any authorized Baldor warranty center can help, even If you didn't buy the motor there.

Neither Baldor nor the distributor is responsible for removing and shipping the Baldor-Reliance product to the service center, the re-installation of the Baldor-Reliance product upon its return to the customer, or any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the defect, removal, re-installation, and shipment or otherwise.


Warranty Period

All Baldor-Reliance brand products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a specified period. Most products are covered up to 12 months from the date of installation or 18 months from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first. Some products carry a longer warranty period. Bearings are typically warrantied for 3 - 6 months, depending on the type of motor purchased.

Baldor Motors Can Be Customized to Suit Your Requirements. Call today To Learn More!


Baldor Electric’s Value Formula

Baldor Electric was founded on the principle of designing and delivering value through its high-quality products that maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Its corporate value formula created 25 years ago centers on these four factors—quality, service, cost, and time.

Where value perception results from increasing quality and service and reducing time and cost. These equally important key elements are always at the core of each product they create and the service they deliver to their customers and stakeholders.


Here’s how they do it:

  • Quality, as perceived by their customers, entails collecting feedback and integrating that feedback into improving their products. For Baldor, continuous enhancement of their products and service reinforces their position and staying power in the industry.

Baldor’s production utilizes the most current tooling and testing equipment, along with rigid quality inspection procedures to ensure that each motor meets the customer’s specific needs.

  • Baldor’s corporate culture goes beyond simply responding to customer requests. The company proactively exceeds expectations by offering answers and solutions before they are needed. They maintain timely and accurate information, whether technical data or product availability.

Their customer relations are beyond transactional. They seek to educate and empower their customers through informed purchase decision-making. They provide helpful and practical details about their products to help customers enjoy Baldor motor’s performance efficiency.

  • According to Baldor’s value formula, cost is more than money. It is the long-term savings that customers enjoy by using Baldor’s energy-efficient motors. Baldor's Super-E motors are some of the most efficient-running motors in the industry. Every Super-E is balanced to half of the NEMA allowable vibration levels.

The company believes that designing and integrating energy-saving mechanisms in their product is a thoughtful and valuable way to serve their customers.

  • Quality, service, and cost don’t matter if the customer can’t get the product when they need it, and this is where time comes into the equation. Timely delivery is critical to ensure little to no downtime and lost production. Any delay translates to financial loss and disrupts plans and schedules for customers.

Baldor’s manufacturing process ensures a dependable stock supply and custom-built electric motors. Their products are available 24/7 in numerous warehouse locations across the country.

More than just a corporate statement, Baldor’s corporate value formula is their very own business philosophy and culture. Every employee of Baldor is guided by this principle and applies it in every process and unit they make. It is the “motor” that runs the company and empowers it to produce, perform, and provide value every step of the way.

Square One echoes this principle as we strive to deliver first-rate quality across our product and service portfolio, business units, and sales channels. Our team works as a unit towards the common goal of satisfying our customers.


The Baldor (ABB) Badge of Excellence

This ISO-certified company has been operating for many decades with values aligned with Square One’s customer-centric, quality-driven culture.

Its innovative approach to engineering and designing industrial electric motors, generators, and mechanical power transmission products has made the brand synonymous with excellence in product and service.

The History of Baldor Electric Company (ABB)

For over 100 years, Baldor has engineered and built quality products to meet their customers’ needs and exceed expectations. This long history of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit has led to an extensive product portfolio of reliable electric motor and power transmission products.

It has continued to serve various businesses and industries with uncompromised quality, making it one of the world's most popular and reputable motor manufacturers.

Let’s take a look at the company’s journey, innovations, and corporate milestones spanning more than a century:

  • 1904 – Lincoln Electric was formed and later became Reliance Electric
  • 1905 – Lincoln Electric introduced the first adjustable speed DC motor
  • 1920 – Edwin Ballman and Emil Doerr founded Baldor Electric Company in St. Louis, MO
  • 1956 – Baldor opened its first AC motor plant in Fort Smith, AR
  • 1976 – The Federal Agency Administration recognized Baldor for its design and manufacture of high-efficiency motors
  • 1978 – Baldor produced its 1 millionth motor
  • 1980 – The Mission Statement and Value Formula were introduced
  • 1983 – Baldor introduced the Super-E® premium efficient motor line
  • 2001 – Baldor introduced the EnergyGuide label to the industrial motor market
  • 2007 – Reliance® joined the Baldor family
  • 2011 – Baldor joined the ABB family, creating the largest industrial motor company in the world
  • 2017 – Baldor introduced ABB Ability™ smart sensor for motors
  • 2018 – Food Safe motors were introduced
  • 2020 – The EC Titanium™ IE5 integrated motor drive was introduced


Square One Electric is an Authorized Baldor Distributor. Each motro ships brand new from the closest stocked warehouse to your door, brand new and with a manufacturer's warranty.