.1636OS1B48-S Weg Motor 1/6HP 3600 B48 ODP 115/208-230Volt 1 Phase 14360315

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Product details

  • SKU .1636OS1B48-S
  • Brand Weg
  • Phase 1
  • RPM 1801-3600
  • HP / KW 1/6 (.167) - 1/7 (.143)
  • Application General Purpose
  • Frame 48
  • Enclosure OPEN
  • Voltage 115/208-230V

This Weg motor is a rugged 1/6HP AC electric motor that is especially designed high torque unit for heavy starting loads. Weg designs quality equipment with durable and long lasting parts and construction, making Weg a world leader in the motor manufacturing industry. These redesigned motors are made from rolled steel, a lighter alternative to cast iron units.


More features include:


  • High starting torque
  • Internal bolts give a clean surface to the motor, avoiding trapping materials and allowing easy paint job when needed
  • Color coded and numbered leads for easier connection
  • Threaded holes in terminal box
  • Double shielded ball bearings
  • V’ring seals for protection from contamination

Electric Motors

Frame 48
Output 0.16 HP (0.12 kW)
Number of Poles 2
Frequency 60 Hz
Rated speed 3500 rpm
Slip 2.78 %
Rated voltage 115/208-230 V
Rated current 2.82/1.56-1.41 A
L. R. Amperes 18.3/10.1-9.16 A
LRC 6.5x(Code P)
No load current 2.40/1.03-1.20 A
Rated torque 0.240 ft.lb
Locked rotor torque 300 %
Breakdown torque 300 %
Locked rotor time 25s (cold) 14s (hot)
Moment of inertia (J) 0.0126 sq.ft.lb
Design N
Insulation Class F
Temperature rise 80 K
Service factor 1.35 (1.00 @ 208V)
Duty Cycle Cont.(S1)
Starting Method Direct On Line
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
Altitude 1000 m.a.s.l.
Enclosure IC01 - ODP
Mounting F-1
Rotation¹ Both (CW and CCW)
Noise level² 56.0 dB(A)
Approx. weight³ 14.3 lb