Y987 Marathon Brake Motor 2HP 1800RPM 145TC TENV 230/460V 3 Phase 145THTN8043

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Product details

  • SKU Y987
  • Brand Marathon
  • Phase 3
  • RPM 1201-1800
  • HP / KW 2
  • Application Brake Motor
  • Frame 143/5TC
  • Voltage 208-230/460V
  • Flange C-Face Footed
  • MAX GUARD® Class F insulation system
  • Constant torque operation from 0 to base speed on vector drive
  • Constant Horsepower operation up to twice base RPM
  • Optimized for operation with IGBT inverter (NEMA Design A)
  • Normally closed thermostats (one per phase, Class F)
  • Will accept encoder through Mod Central (see mod 24 for encoder mounting)
  • Stearns brakes, 56 series
  • Includes 140% rated spring-set self-adjusting NEMA 2 disk brake (Brake coil voltage matches motor)
  • Universal mounting up to 15 Lb-Ft, (see comment below and Mod Central for vertical mounting), Horizontal mounting (see comment below and Mod Central for vertical mounting)