WEG Makes Predictive Maintenance Easy
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WEG Makes Predictive Maintenance Easy

WEG has released a tool to simplify electric motor predictive maintenance – the WEG Motor Scan.
Low cost and easy to implement, the WEG Motor Scan is a smart and effective remote monitoring solution.
Easily mounted on the motor fin, the device extracts motor data and sends the data to a smartphone and/or tablet or Gateway (the App is available for Android and iOS) via Bluetooth®. From there, all information is sent to the cloud where the WEG IoT Platform offers several plant management tools.
Monitor motor performance with accuracy to help avoid motor failure, increase efficiency, and extend motor life.
Collected data and features include:
Predictive maintenance techniques consist of checking how components perform and early diagnosis of possible shutdowns, through the analysis of data collected by means of monitoring or field inspections.
Predictive maintenance, although immensely valuable and cost effective, is frequently overlooked or managed inconsistently. Often, facilities also tend to focus on the larger, more critical equipment, sometimes neglecting small equipment and applications that may cause low relevance damages.
Now, you can easily monitor all equipment with one glimpse, as it is possible to monitor all motors fitted with WEG Motor Scan on the same screen of the WEG IoT Platform.
In addition, you can get advanced warning of equipment failure with the Alarm Criteria management tool. With Alarm Criteria, you establish alert level and critical level values for vibration and temperature measurements; you will be alerted when a motor strays outside your parameters.
Avoid factory shutdown from the palm of your hand – it doesn’t get much better than that!
Frequently Asked Questions:
What can the WEG Motor Scan measure?
The WEG Motor Scan measures vibration on three axis, the motor's surface temperature and the operation time.
Can the WEG Motor Scan be installed in motors driven by inverters (VFD)?
Yes. The user should enable the "Connected to an inverter" in the WEG Motor Scan mobile app
during the configuration.
Can I install more than one WEG Motor Scan per motor?
Yes. There's no restriction on installation and configuration.
Can I use the monitor on a different brand motor?
Yes, actually, you can! For better performance of the diagnosis tools, the WEG Motor Scan
should be installed preferably on WEG induction motors from lines W21, W22, W50 and HGF
from 63 to 450 IEC frames or NEMA equivalent. But, when installed on another manufacturer's
motor, the nameplate data should be inserted manually and the diagnosis tools might present
What is the acquisition rate of measurements?
The WEG Motor Scan allows the schedule of up to 12 vibration's measurements per day. The
measurements of motor's temperature and operation time are performed every 10 minutes,
being packed in 3-hours measurement packages.
How many measurements can be stored in the WEG Motor Scan?
The WEG Motor Scan allows the storage of 3 months of measurements for the maximum
acquisition rate condition, that is, 12 vibration's measurement per day. By setting fewer
measurements per day, the storage time increases.
How is the WEG Motor Scan attached to the motor?
The WEG Motor Scan is provided with a M4x20 screw and a knurled bushing. The fixing is by a
hole in the motor fin. The mobile app has the step-by-step instruction on how to perform the
fixing operation.
What size is the WEG Motor Scan unit?
The WEG Motor Scan has the following dimensions: 25x44x38 mm
How do I install the WEG IoT App?
Go to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the App on your smartphone or tablet.
Where do I access the WEG IoT Platform?
The WEG IoT Platform is open and can be accessed at https://iot.weg.net.
How do I give permission for others to see my plant?
You must be a plant administrator to grant access to other people. You can do this from the "My Plants" panel and clicking the "More" button of the plant you want to share. Click on "User Management", add the email of whom you want to add and choose the type of access to be granted.

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