131857.00 Leeson Motor 3HP 1750RPM 184TC TEFC 230Volt 1 Phase

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Product details

  • SKU 131857
  • Brand Leeson
  • Phase 1
  • RPM 1201-1800
  • HP / KW 3
  • Application Pressure Washer
  • Frame 182/4TC
  • Voltage 208-230V
  • Flange C-Face Footed

Leeson Model No. 184TBFR7749A

131857.00 Leeson Pressure Washer Pump Motors are equipped with a start and run capacitor for its low amperage, low vibration from a balanced rotor and double shielded ball bearings.  These motors have windings dipped in a heavy duty varnish system.  These Leeson motors have an Totally enclosed (TEFC) enclosure for which can be used more dirty or wet environments (to a point) – excessive water exposure may require a more sealed, washdown unit.


Leeson Electric has multiple nationwide warehouses are stocked with a wide selection of motors, from small fractional to large horsepower. Leeson is a leading motor manufacturer because they study customer needs and application, and design their equipment accordingly.  Leeson Electric is one of the few remaining American motor manufacturers, with some manufacturing plants still located in the United States.  Features:


  • Used for hot or cold pressure washer applications
  • Manual reset overload protection
  • High service factor
  • Manual overload protection
  • "C" Dimension: 17.61"
  • 13.7 AMPS
  • This item replaces Marathon I314A



Visit leeson.com for more product information, including technical motor specs or connection diagrams. Square One Electric is an authorized Leeson distributor with access to nationwide warehouses for fast shipping. 



Engineering Data
Volts 230 Volts   Volts  
F.L. Amps 12.8 F.L. Amps   F.L. Amps  
S. F Amps 14.5 S. F Amps   S. F Amps  

RPM 1800 Hertz 60    
KW 2.24        
Frame 184TC Serv. Factor 1.15 Phase 1
Max Amb 40 Design L Code H
Insul Class F Protection MANUAL Therm.Prot. BRD2921
Eff 100% 81.5 Eff 75%   PF 94.5
UL Y-(LEESON UL REC) CSA Yes Bearing OPE 6205
CC Number EXEMPT CE No Bearing PE 6206
Load Type   Inverter Type   Speed Range NONE

Motor Wt. 107 LB Enclosure TEFC Lubrication VERIFY
Nameplate 081285 Mounting RIGID Rotation SELECTIVE CCW
Assembly   Shaft Dia. 1 1/8 IN Ext. Diag. 005056.03
Cust Part No   Outline 035381-950 Ext. Diag2  
Packaging B     Winding K8494
Carton Label Leeson Gen Purpose     GROUP:
Iris   Paint BLUE - LEESON (ENAMEL) Test Card 01